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Cats are the most lovable pets. Whether it’s their yawns, the picky eating or the fact that they can be stubborn brats, everything about a cat almost screams royalty. Be it any breed, they look oh-so-adorable! However, there’s just something about Calico Cats which appeals to most people. In fact, a majority of different cultures worldwide think that the Calico Cats are lucky charms. But what is it that really makes these furry felines special? Let’s find out!

what breed are calico cats

What Breed are Calico Cats?

Calico is actually the name of the fur coat pattern that the cats possess, they are not a breed. Some people mistake the name for their breeds. There are a large number of breeds which feature this unique and absolutely gorgeous pattern. Some rare calicos also have variations in their coat patterns.

how calico cats got their name

How do did Calico Cats get their name?

Calico Cats are, generally, spotted cats which have a predominantly white coat with patches of two more colors. This makes them look extremely affectionate and friendly. If you’ve been wondering whether you’ve heard that word before, you might be correct! Calico is also the name of a cotton fabric which is, quite contrarily, plain white and is dyed in multiple colors. Calico Cats usually have a combination of multiple colors such as white, orange and black, but some rare ones might have midnight blue or other darker colors.

what calico cats look like

What do Calico Cats look like?

Their perfectly elegant features and the lovely patches of different colors make them look more unique than any other cat. In fact, their appearance can be quite deceiving and make you overlook their actual behavior. Surprisingly, a calico cat can give birth to calicoes, striped tabby cats or even, kittens with a single colored coat.

how calico cats pass down genetics

How do Calico Cats pass down their genes?

As obvious as it is, they get the black patches from one parent and the other colors from the other. Interestingly, their fur color is also linked to their genes. The X chromosome is the one which carries their fur color. Female cats have two of these while males have only one, in most cases.

why calico cats are always female

Why are Calico Cats Always Female?

It is true that most calico cats that you’ll come across are more likely to be females than males. Moreover, if you ever try to clone a calico cat, you will never find the same coat pattern on the clone. This is cats may have a similar pattern, but it’s never exactly the same, even with identical twins. According to statistics, you might find only one male calico in over three thousand calico cats. As a result of that, researchers have said that male calicos have a tendency to be gay.

The male calico is only born as a result of a rare gene configuration, which is the sole reason why they are sterile. Their coat pattern is pretty similar to Tortoiseshell, or tortie cats which is why a lot of people confuse them for Torties. Torties are actually cats which look absolutely stunning and have a bicolored coat. Another reason why they are similar to calicos is that they are mostly females as well. Their coloration is a lot more unique and instead of patches, their coat is divided into two colors, either uniformly or otherwise.

calico cats can be mean

Why are Calico Cats mean?

Calicos are generally said to have extremely strong personalities and are usually very high-spirited. In households where there is more than one cat, Calicos seem to think of themselves as the “boss”. So, in simpler terms, your cat would either love you or plan a plot against you. They do have very strong opinions which is why they can be fussy or picky eaters. Some say that they’ve noticed that their cat has a sassy personality. It could have a lot to do with how the cats are brought up, but keeping in mind that most cat owners tend to have the same thoughts about their cats, It may be true that some calico cats are too aggressive to handle. Whether that is true or not, the upbringing has a drastic effect on the cat’s personality and behavior.

how long do calico cats live

How Long do Calico Cats live?

Unfortunately, since the genes of calico cats are abnormal, a male one might have a shorter lifespan than a female. A large number of calicos suffer from diabetes so they need strict diets, or poor bone-mineral health and other diseases may take a toll on their health. Hence, if you own a male calico cat, make sure that you give him all the love and attention he requires. The good news is that female calico cats generally live for over twelve years on an average, which is similar to any usual cat.

calico cats suffer from diabetes

Calico Cats Are Considered Lucky Charms

As insane as that sounds, the calico cat that you have right now is actually sought-after and considered to be a symbol of good fortune in Japan. If you’re unfamiliar with this, remember how the Japanese have a statue of a happy cat in front of their homes? Well, that’s a symbol of good luck for them. The popularity of calicos worldwide can be attributed to the fact that they’re extremely famous in the Japanese Culture. In ancient times, sailors and marines would actually take calico cats on their journey in hopes that they would reach their destination without any trouble. Some even believed that having these statues outside their homes makes the bad spirits and ghosts go away. Make sure that you take good care of your calico cat. It might bring you good luck!

calico cats are money cats

Why are Calico Cats called ‘Money Cats’?

Calico cats happen to be the favorite subject of painters and photographers. In fact, there are some cat models which make a five figure income every year. Pudge The Cat happens to be an Instagram celebrity cat which has amassed thousands of followers because of her looks. Tama, on the other hand, is a Japanese calico who has won the hearts of many because of her loving nature.

calico cats are fashionable

Why are Calico Cat patterns so fashionable?

You’ve guessed it right!  Since, the unique coat pattern is something that people fall in love with, within seconds, Calico cats are usually the models for a number of prominent cat clothing brands. The reason why calico cats are the go-to choice for such brands is that their fur is exceptionally soft and fluffy and looks extremely lush on photos. Flaunting three gorgeous colors, calicos do make great models.

calico cat breeds

What breeds can Calico Cats be?

There is a plethora of breeds which can have a calico coat. This means that whether you’re looking for a Russian blue or a Japanese Bobtail, you can pretty much find a calico everywhere. Although there are some breeds which have shorter fur, which doesn’t allow them to have the calico coloring. Persian cats are also one of the breeds which are known to produce exceptionally beautiful long-haired calicos even though their fur is a little harder to maintain because of the lush, long hair. Groom your feline fellow almost thrice a week to ensure that you don’t have to deal with fur-balls.

calico cats are a lucky charm

Can you get clearer skin by rubbing your calico’s tail on your face?

Well, you definitely can in Ireland. A humorous Irish superstition goes on to claim that you can achieve the glow on your skin that you’ve been hoping to get, simply by rubbing your calico cat’s tail on your face in May. While you can’t vouch for the accuracy of that claim, ensure that your calico’s tail is clean beforehand!

The state cat of Maryland

Maryland didn’t stay far behind when it comes to honoring this feline beauty. The state cat of Maryland happens to be our very own calico cat. A majority of people attribute this to the fact that the Irish are fond of unique and bold colors.

These were some of the most interesting facts that we bet you didn’t know. Learning the history behind this unique coat pattern has never been more fun. These patchy felines are surely surprising! Every calico cat has its own special appearance and a unique personality. You know what? It’s the perfect time to say that Calico cats are extremely stunning.

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