Cats and Circles: Why are they Made for Each Other?

cat circles on carpet

How you ever wondered why cats are so attracted to circles?

Nobody knows. Pet psychologists and vets have tried to figure this out, but remain baffled as to why cats are attracted to circles, rings, and even squares. You can test this theory with different objects around the house!

So what is it about circles that have an uncontrollable, mysterious aura that cats gravitate towards? The one funny fact is that once they get in the circle, they prefer to stay there. They even feel a bit uneasy when you take them out.

Some people guess that cats sit insides circles because it gives them a sense of security. Others feel that it is a territory your cat wants to claim. Or are cats so irresistibly curious that they need to investigate a new part of the environment?

Can circles aren’t only made of string, or tape, they can be made of beer!

We’ve tested this time and time again and to see how our cats respond, and most of the time, cats are surely attracted to sitting in circles.

Here are some tests with circles that you can try with your cat.
– You can use masking tape, hula hoops, string, or any household object.
– Your cat may prefer smaller or larger circles.
– All you need to do is make the circle, and watch your cat look at the ring.
– Soon your cat will magically be inside!

Cat circles can also be made with socks, and cat toys!

Most of our readers have found that this strange phenomenon works! Most cats will be powerless to resist, but there are some pets that are not affected. Does this work on your cat?

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