How to Give A Cat A Bath?

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Are you a cat owner? If, yes, then you might have faced a lot of trouble while you try to give your furry friend a bath. Cats have an innate fear and hatred of water. This is evident if you ever have owned a cat or tried to put a cat into a bath. So, the most important question of owning a cat is, how to bath them. Here are some practical tips that can help you in giving your cutie pie a quick bath.

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Do cats need baths?

Although domestic cats hate taking a bath, in the wild, big cat species such as Tigers and Jaguars like to soak in rivers and ponds. This is due to the fact that in the wild, their habitat is in warmer climates and taking a bath helps them keep themselves cool. Big cats like Tigers swim in deep waters to catch fishes.

Domestic cats never like bathing since their fur tends to absorb moisture easily. So, they remain wet for a long period of times once they are soaked in water. Something that you need to keep in mind,  cats do not need to be given a bath every single day. Cats can groom themselves naturally.

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When to bathe your cat?

Your cat might need a bath when,

•    You have just adopted a kitten or cat from a shelter or store.

•    Your cat soiled itself in the litter box.

•    They might have been lingering near places like fireplaces, chimneys, gardens or basements. These places have a lot of dust and cobwebs which can get stuck in their fur coat.

•    Your cat is having a flea or fungal problem.

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What supplies do you need to give a bath to your cat?

Before you begin your perilous journey, make sure you have the required bathing stuff. This includes:

•    Rubber gloves.

•    Suitable pet shampoo.

•    A gently pressured spray nozzle

•    Towels

Rubber gloves are essential while bathing your cat as even tame and well-mannered cats get violent during bath time. So, you can easily avoid scratches and bites using good quality rubber gloves. You should also invest a bit on purchasing a suitable cat shampoo to prevent any infection or irritation to your pet. For cats with flea or fungal problems, medicated, and hypoallergenic types of shampoos are also available. Remember, human shampoos can irritate your cat’s eyes and skin. Also, pet shampoos help in maintaining the furry coat.

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Use a tub or sink that is high enough to contain splashing water

You can choose to bathe your cat in a kitchen or bathroom sink. Fill the sink with nearly 2 inches of lukewarm water. Gently place the cat in the water and pour water over its body using the spray nozzle. Apply shampoo and gently rub its body to lather uniformly. Make sure you do not put too much water or shampoo near its face. Cats hate water splashed on their face so, rinse gently. Use a damp towel to wipe its face and a big towel to wipe its body. You can choose to clean its ears using cotton balls. Gently lift your cat onto a large towel and rub its fur thoroughly. Set her free, the fur will get dried by its own gradually.

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What if nothing works?

If your cat refuses to take a bath and escapes in every possible way, you can choose people or agencies who have experience in this field. A pet groomer or a pet care clinic can provide professional grooming services which will cost around $20 to $50. The services will include bathing with shampoo, trimming, nail clipping and ear cleaning. Many places also have mobile pet grooming vehicles that also provide quick and good grooming facilities near your doorstep. Though these services may be costly, saves you the hassle and time. So, make sure you keep your pet cat clean and healthy by giving baths from time to time.

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