Any Questions?


How long will delivery take?
We ship out once a day and delivery may take 7-14 days. Shipping time may vary for different products.

What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Store?
At the moment we are offering free shipping and handling for our customers. We want to get more of cat toys and hammocks out there for the cats, so shipping is on us!

What if there is an issue with the product?
We want to make sure you have a great customer experience so please let us know if something went wrong. We want to fix any problems as soon as possible so please contact us.

How much weight can the cat hammock carry?
My cat is big! The recommended weight for this hammock is less than 16 lbs. It fits most adult cats, and deceptively fluffy cats, but not Maine Coons.

Can it be used for other animals?
Our customers have used it for small dogs, chinchillas, ferrets, and rabbits.

What payment methods are accepted in the online shop?
Currently we accept credit cards and Paypal.